Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today, many of us are scared.

For many of us, the terrorist bombing in Boston yesterday brought back memories of September 11, 2001.

This morning before I boarded an airplane, I had to remove my shoes and coat, put my laptop, Kindle and mobile phone into plastic tubs along with my quart-sized zip-lock bag that contained a minimal amount of liquids I need to carry with me on this trip.

That is the price we now pay to feel safe when flying.

But how can we as a society ever feel safe when we're out in the open?  How can we feel safe when we're inside a baseball park or wandering a shopping mall or standing on the street watching a marathon?

I don't know either.

But I do know, I refuse to be scared.  I refuse to live my life sheltered by threats from outside forces like crazy Korean Dictators or cowardly terrorist hiding in the shadows.

Today, I will not be scared!


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