Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Looking Back

If you want to get somewhere, you need look forward, keeping the course. Looking back can sometimes
I had never seen this photo until recently. On the back,
in my mother's handwriting, it says "Bill." I have to
assume this is the first picture of me. 
slow you down.

Today, I am looking back.

Back at the past 18,994 days and wondering, "where did they go?"

As a kid, we all wished time away when we "couldn't wait for [insert exciting event here]."

Then, as we grow older, somewhere after college, we realize that time has somehow sped up. Some days may seem to drag, but suddenly a month, a season, a year has past.

Sometimes time is going so fast I want to be Fred Flintstone and use my feet to put on the brakes.

But I can't slow it down, so I'll just enjoy the ride and smile at the highlights of the last 18,994 days.

What will the next 18,994 days bring me?  Most likely I won't see that many more.

But I will keep looking ahead and moving forward, because tomorrow is another day.

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