Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Time For Change

None of us really like change. Status quo become routine and we know what to expect.

Change for the sake of change isn't a good practice either.  It's said, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."

I'm here to tell you, the Republican Party, as it operates today, is broken!

Last week's U.S. Presidential election was a good indicator of that fact. So are the numerous Op-Ed columns and old-guard Party member public interviews.

I have said this before, but it's worth repeating: "I am a voter without a party."  I'm often ashamed of the narrow-minded viewpoints of the current Republican party.  It's not the party I joined as a grassroots party delegate nearly thirty years ago.

That party died when the party took a hard right turn and never looked back.

Now before my Democratic family and friends start planning my welcome party let me point out that your party has major (negative) issues too!

But back to the Republicans... NOW is the time for change.  Please, reinvent yourself.  Become the party of inclusion and stop turning your back on people who want to belong.

It's time for you to understand that we can join your party and not agree with each and every plank in your platform.

More importantly, it's time for you to understand that minorities and woman and gays and lower-income and youth are coming out in droves to the voting booths.  If you want to win elections, you need to win their hearts and minds.

If you want a clue to the direction the Republican party must move, take a look at Facebook and the hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of groups telling you want to do.

Yesterday I read a post somewhere, I'm not sure where, that talked about two points the Republican's need to do before 2016: Disown Rush Limbaugh and stop talking to Fox News.

I couldn't agree more.  Rush Limbaugh's makes his money keeping people worked up and riding ultraconservative train.  Fox News screams "Fair and Balanced." But they're not.  They're trying to balance the scale by being as far to the right as CNN is to the left.  (I see a blog topic here!)

Those two points actions will start the Grand Old Party down a better path.  I'd like to add one more suggestion: Try some Red Bull and leave the Tea Party.

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