Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankfulness 2

Well Thanksgiving Day is past, but as I said yesterday, we should be thankful every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

My Thanksgiving Day was spent first at the home of my brother and sister-in-law along with a nephew, his family and my dad.

I consumed far too much food, but what can you do when there is so much and it's all sooo delicious?  Even a taste of this and a little of that adds up to far too much.

The afternoon included visiting, checking the Black Friday flyers and a quick game of Qwirkle before I moved onto my niece Gina's home.

She always has a crowd, including my brother Chuck and his family, less my nephew Erik.

While I was there, I enjoyed a Thanksgiving Day tradition: watching the Detroit Lions lose their holiday game. (I don't know why they bother.)

Of course there was more food. I enjoyed a small taste of a molded salad like my mom used to make.

We also checked out the Black Friday ads and played a quick game of a dice game called L-C-R. Congrats on the win Tommy!

Then I moved onto nephew Matt to spend some time with his family.  He had entertained his in-laws earlier in the day. My dad, brother and sister-in-law from earlier in the day also stopped by.

Of course, more food... some snacks and then the leftovers.  I'm such a sucker for mashed potatoes and gravy I had to have some.  Migrating to the dining room table, we played nine holes of the card game "Golf." Great-nephew Justin was the big winner there.

I finally made it back home around 9 pm.  I had plans to see a movie with a friend, but exhaustion from the day put that off for another time.

Today is a new day, Black Friday.  I have a couple items I'd like to pick up, but nothing that must be gotten during the wee hours of the morning.  I have until noon to save 20% on everything at Bed Bath and Beyond and until 1 pm to make my purchases at Kohl's.

I'm thankful we have this holiday under our belts, even though I know my gut is hanging over mine a little bit more.

It was a great day with family, and that's what the holidays should be all about.

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