Monday, December 17, 2012

It's tragic.

No words can describe the horror that took place last week at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Innocent lives were taken. The pain is compounded by the age of the victims.

Our hearts ache. We weep for the families. We grieve as a nation.

Sadly, I see a national debate in the making.

Gun control has been simmering on the political burner for a while now.

And, as usual, it’s left against right. Red against blue.

Let me say here and now. I’m all about limiting who can own guns and the type of guns that can be owned.

There is no need for civilian to possess an automatic weapon. But simple handguns, rifles and shotguns are another story.

So many people sit back and use the “hunting” excuse for gun ownership.  That is the biggest pile of horse crap in this debate.

When the founding fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution and subsequent Amendments known as the Bill of Rights, they included the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”

But for what purpose?  For no other reason that self-defense.

I, for one, strongly believe in our Constitution AS WRITTEN. I also believe we need to keep our hands off the foundation of our democracy.

I own one gun. It’s a rifle that belonged to my uncle. I’ve never shot it and probably never will.

I never felt the need to own a gun.

Until now.

Now that there is a potential threat to this guaranteed Right, I am driven to go and buy guns before that right is taken away.

It’s tragic that the news media, politicians and fanatics of both political parties will use this, and other incidents, to fuel what will become a very heated – and very ugly – debate.

I grieve for the loss of life. I grieve for the loss of Rights.

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