Monday, December 3, 2012

Lead to believe

Not-Brewed Iced Tea in my book.
Have you ever been lead to believe something that turns out to not be as it appears? It can happen when you have an expectation based on previous experiences or maybe current implications.

Something that rubs me the wrong way is the iced tea dispenser at my local convenience store.  It clearly says "Brewed Iced Tea." But in reality, the dispenser is a mixer for water and an iced tea concentrate from a box under the counter.

Is that really brewed?

Technically, I suspect, the concentrate is brewed at the factory. But in my world, I expect freshly brewed iced tea. By the mere shape of the dispenser, I'm lead to believe that is what I'm getting.

Maybe I'm too literal with words.

This past weekend I picked up a few dozen cookies at a church bazaar. The ladies of this congregation were always known for their homemade treats.  I especially enjoy the delicious cutout sour cream cookies like my mother would make at Christmas.

Imagine my disappointment when I got home and realized that about half a dozen of the beautifully decorated cookies were actually frozen precut cookies from the food supply company.

Silly me. I was lead to believe by my previous experiences that all the cookies would be homemade. But I might have known that times have changed. Those great cooks are long gone and a new generation of working women, with jobs outside the home, are baking cookies for the bazaar.

Another example is when a group of men don football uniforms and call themselves the Detroit Lions. We expect them to play football and maybe even win a game now and then.

I guess it's all just an illusion for the mind.

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