Sunday, January 29, 2012

Birthday Boy

Last July I celebrated the 11th anniversary of my 39th birthday. For readers scratching their heads or reaching for a calculator: I turned 50.

My 50th Birthday Cake... a camping bear!
I spent it camping in Canada relaxing and enjoying the summer's warmth. Really, it was just another day.

Today is my great-nephew's eighth birthday. He's been celebrating for a week!

Last weekend his parents loaded up he and his sister (who secretly idolizes him) along with two of his friends into the SUV and headed to East Lansing for an MSU hockey game. I'm sure hot dogs and nachos were part of the birthday/hockey game celebration. (MSU lost in a shoot out. Boo!)

Then, of course, there was fun at school where he shared birthday brownies with his classmates -- and Gram who is the elementary secretary.  Maybe the kids sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.

Yesterday, was a family celebration with a couple great-grandparents, two pairs of grandparents, a great-anut and a couple great uncles, mom, dad, sissy and the family dog. He was bouncing around the house, filled with excitement.

I should have a tenth of that energy and be so excited about another birthday.

It's fun to watch him, and all my great-nephews and nieces, growing up. Some change their looks during the weeks and months between seeing them.  Others are growing up before my eyes.

I count my blessings I can be part of it, and it's a joy to be part of birthdays that are not just another day.

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