Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Statically Speaking

I'm excited by having succeeded at posting a blog entry for eight consecutive days.  I've caught myself thinking about skipping a day, but I know myself well enough.  One will turn into two which will turn into 20 and before I know it, it'll be a defunct blog. (I already have one of those floating out there in cyberspace!)

This can easily turn into a habit!

What's more exciting are the statistic provided to me by the Blogger software which hosts BNB.

Click the graphic to enlarge.
With a few clicks of the mouse, I can see graphs and diagrams and sources viewers used to come to the BNB blog.

As you can see from the graphic here, during the first seven days I've had 125 pageviews.  The number amazes me pageviews amazes me.

More amazing is are the pageviews from Japan and Venezuela.  THAT astounds me!


Largely, the viewers of the BNB blog come to to the site via Facebook, so I have a sneaking suspicion the views might be that of my Facebook Buddy Andrew Rummel who lives there. But I have no way of knowing.

Venezuela?  I'm guess that BNB was seen from those countries by someone clicking the "Next Blog" at the top of every Blogger Blog.

It's also interesting to see the browser and operating system used during the pageviews.  Mobile Safari browsers are (I believe) from an iPhone, while the Android OS is from another handheld device. Readers are checking out BNB while on the move!

Regardless of the stats, as long as I have one reader a day, I'll (try) to keep posting.

Happy One Week Anniversary BNB!


  1. Yes! You did it! My blog is getting regular readers from Russia and Germany, among many other countries. The internet is truly amazing (and kinda scarey when you think about it).

    Keep writing, BNB!


    1. Today I added Germany, France, Denmark, United Kingdom and Indonesia to the list!