Saturday, January 28, 2012

One thing leads to another

Last night I had to reinstall my anti-virus software, which was necessitated by an impending expiration date.  Of course, couldn't get the website to accept two different credit cards.  GRRRRR.

So, after screwing around for far too long, I found a sales and service  contact number, so I called.  Ann answered.

After explaining my problem, Ann told me that the online credit card processing is "done in Germany and doesn't work so well. We process your payment in California."  My credit card number is so well traveled!

Ann also told me that I would be emailed to an email address they have on file, by 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

I had a sinking feeling.  I've been avoiding that email account.

Well, here goes nothing. I logged in and voila!  I had over 3000 unread messages. Over 2200 of them were sent to me since January 1.

I have a serious problem. There's no activation code for my anti-virus.

But while I was searching, I managed to spend nearly two hours clicking and reading and unsubscribing and clicking and reading and unsubscribing and... DELETING.  Anything over three weeks old is gone.

Sorry if you sent me something.

Finally, sometime around 9:15, the activation code arrived and I had a topic for another blog entry.

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