Saturday, January 21, 2012

BNB's Lessons in Blogging

When I decided to start writing a blog I only wanted to brush up on my writing skills. Well, brush up on my writing skills so I can launch a future blog on the overhauled website for Internet company,, that employes me.

So this blog is a learning experience and a test run for a much more professionally-focused blog. Of course the blog of the future will be part of an overall Social Media Marketing plan. It also won't be "naked" like this one.

There are some valuable life lessons to learn when you're blogging:

Do it Daily! Setting aside time daily to write requires discipline. This is something I lack. I'm trying to make it a habit, then it will become much easier. I admire my friend, Wanda Eichler, and her blog From Under the Willow. She's been writing for years and blogging since about 2008. Last year, she committed to writing a daily blog post as a short "letter home to her dad."  That is discipline!

Have an Idea or Two. The subject manner of my blog is the biggest challenge. I've been at this for just a few days and my Blogger Dashboard (that's the behind the scenes control panel for this blog) is loaded with six or seven unpublished starts to future blogs.  I'm trying to jot down a few notes, and quote I heard or other idea and save it.  Then I go back to it another time.

Don't over think it. This is one of the greatest challenges I face when writing.  The backspace and delete keys get a good workout when I'm writing. I often start in one direction and end up making a lot of left turns.  This paragraph was rewritten a couple of times.

Have Fun. This should be a no brainer.  If it isn't fun, it won't work. As long as I'm having fun, I'll keep it up.

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  1. Good post, Bill! Thanks for the mention. The "don't overthink it" is so true. I even use my smartphone to start a post. I send a photo or a germ idea in email form or both to my email. Gives me a heads up on another post.

    As you know, not every post is stellar. Ask any columnist or preacher or editorial writer about that. You don't hit it out of the ballpark everyday. But that's what writing is like. Sometimes there's a home run and that's good.

    By the way, in my journal writing, BNB is the acronym for my last car -- Big New Buick. I've moved on to the Volt and don't have a name for it. Not yet.

    Keep writing!