Friday, January 27, 2012

It's not always bad having Words with Friends

A couple months ago, Alec Baldwin got kicked off an airline flight as LAX for refusing to turn off his cellphone.  He was busy having Words with Friends.

Well, I guess having isn't quite correct.  PLAYING Words with Friends is more like it.

WwF is one of the many games Facebook users can play with one another.  It's basically online Scrabble.

I play it from time to time, but have really lost interest when I can never win.  I'm busy putting up words like dog or me for single-digit points, while my opponents are hitting triple word scores dropping tiles to form words such as: acquest (An act of asking politely or formally for something).


Far be it from me to suggest that any of my Facebook friends would cheat.  But I will say there are at least a half-dozen website devoted to cheating at WwF (like

Sometimes I play the game a little differently... and shoot for a score UNDER 100 points.  I've not succeeded at that.

But with the rack of letters shown in the picture at the right, I don't think any site could help me cheat.

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