Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here I go... Naked or Not!

People start writing blogs for a menagerie of reasons.  For some it's an outlet, a sort of therapy. Others use the blog to connect family and friends.

Many blogs are single focused, perhaps looking at politics, sharing recipes or other causes dear to the writer's heart.

That focus for creating the blog gives the writer a foundation for their blog posts.

Me? I got nothing.

I only want to focus on writing again.

For some, writing comes very naturally. The words simply flow from the brain through the hands and fingers where rapid-fire movement on the keyboard creates a written piece that someone besides your mother wants to read.

I envy those who are create with great ease.  I tend to pour over each word, changing my thoughts and direction time and again until I convince myself to let it go. It's worthy of sharing with others.

So here it is, Bare Naked Bill, Naked or Not.


  1. Great opening post, Bill. Love the blog title! I look forward to your blog.

  2. Congrats, BNB -- As your first newspaper employer, I'm proud of you... and I know Ace C. would be, too! Keep up the good work!