Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Blog Nearly Ended!

This week has sorta sucked.  I'm sure it's in my head but something seems to be brewing and it isn't calming like my favorite Oolong tea.

I'm dealing with things a minute at a time and going from there.  That's all I can do, right?

So today I get a text from a friend and when I try to reply, I get a message that my phone has no more memory.

What the heck?

Google's Picasa Logo
I get looking and I see that ALL the photos I've posted to my blog is in an album ON my phone.  But it gets worse... along with those photos are four copies each of various blog profile photos AND repeated copies of the BNB banner that appears at the top of this blog.

What the HECK?

A Google search turns up a lot of "Why are my Picasa photos showing up on my Android phone AND why can't I delete them??

Seriously? I can't delete them?


For those of you wondering, Picasa is a photo filing site for Google/gmail customers.  Since my Android phone AND this blog, are tied to a gmail account, Google thought it would be nice to share automatically story my blog photos to Picasa.  In turn, Piscasa thought it would be nice to share the photos with my Android phone.

WHO THE HECK came up with those brilliant ideas?  Defauting those options are just annoying.

Reading Android and Picasa forums I found plenty of comments about deleting the Picasa albums.  But that would mean all my blog posts wouldn't have photos any longer.  There were also comments about deleting blogger blogs to resolve the issue.

I was getting more P.O.'ed by the second.  Deleting the blog was looking better all the time.

There had to be another option.  And there was: Unsync the Picasa account with the gmail account on my phone.

POOF!  Blog deletion averted!

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