Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TUESDAY TALLY: People I'd Like To Meet

In our lives, we all have people that we would like to meet. There may not be a reason, but you'd like to meet them, speak with them and, perhaps, get to know a more personal side of them.

He's my list, people dead or alive:
  1. Ronald Reagan. By far, the greatest President of my lifetime. I would dare to say the greatest President in the history of the county.
  2. Pope John Paul II. He was much younger than popes of recent history and, was the first from Poland.  His 'youth' allowed him to travel more than other modern-day pontiffs and his charasmatic personality drew people of all faiths to him. He was an amazing spiritual leader of the world.
  3. The Queen Mum. I'm talking Queen Elizabeth II's mother.  she just seemed pretty dang cool.
  4. Mother Teresa. Can you imagine if you could just live with her for a year?  A month?  Even just a week?  Wouldn't your life be totally blessed?
  5. Rudy Giuliani. His leadership during the days that followed 9-11 were outstanding.  I have been fortunate to hear here speak in person. I'd vote for him for President.
  6. Walt Disney. His vision and determination are rare. When he failed (and he did) he started over, learning from his mistakes.
  7. Barbara Bush. When she was First Lady, I used to refer to her as America's First Mom! She's homey and loveable and just seems like a mom-next-door.
  8. Howard Stern. The self-proclaimed King of All-Media (he has the number 1 radio show, had two best-seller books, starred in a top-grossing movie and now, will be a judge on America's Got Talent), is one of the most brilliant men in America today.  If you base your opinion of Howard Stern on what you've read or on his outrageous radio show, you just don't know Howard Stern.

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