Monday, January 14, 2013

I can't win

I see a horse and buggy in my future.
I'm not sure if I mentioned the bent rim on my Ford Fusion.

An icy intersection, turning the steering wheel right when I should have turned left, the unyielding curb on the other side of the street all lead to the rim being bent just a few feet from my home.

That was three weeks ago.

Finding a rim at a decent price was a trick, but I finally found one last week at a junkyard in Detroit.

Thankfully a friend who lives in the Metro Detroit area was working in Saginaw so he picked it up and dropped it off at my nephew's house in Bay City.

By Saturday, the rim was in the back of my truck and I continued my travels to West Michigan to hang out with a friend.

Sunday, as I was traveling back home, I noticed the battery light was glowing bright on the dashboard of my truck.  The alternator gauge showed the battery was charging, so I continued on. I hoped to make it as far as I could (hopefully home).

As life would have it, I lost the alternator about 20 miles west of Bay City... But I continued on, turning off all non-essential power draws and praying all the way.

By the time I was about two-miles west of Bay City, I pretty much had no lights (it was dark) and an angel in a large truck followed me, illuminating the road ahead and protecting me from traffic behind.

I made it to the Walgreen store parking lot and, just as I was pulling into a parking spot, the engine died.

The battery was dead.

Thankfully I have AAA road service that will haul a vehicle 100 without a charge to me.  I was about 50 miles from home.

So, the flatbed truck arrived and the pickup was loaded.

Today, between my work commitments, I will be making a phone call to my mechanic to be both the car and truck repaired.

I'm worried the car has more damage than the bent rim.  This could get costly.

Perhaps I'll look into a horse and buggy too.

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