Friday, January 11, 2013

Running the Roads

It looks like I'm going to be running the roads this weekend. Like that is a surprise.

A late afternoon trip to Detroit is necessary to pick up the car wheel (rim) for my 2011 Ford Fusion. On Christmas Eve, I managed to hit the curb hard enough to bend the rim on the car.  A new one costs $225 or more. This one is just $100.

And yes, I have figured the gas so my price is going to be more in the $150 range.  But, I'll taking care of some other business while I'm in town.  You know, killing two birds with one trip to the city.

After I pick up the rim, I'm headed back to Bay City.  I hope to catch Pinconning Michigan native and Comedian Rob Little's show at the State Theater. They're taping the shows (a second show was added after the first was sold out) for future DVDs.

Following the show, I'm going to crash with a friend in Bay City.

Saturday may take me to Big Rapids to hang with my buddy Andrew, but those plans are still up in the air.

On Sunday, I'm headed back to Bay City, for dinner and maybe a movie.

All this hustle and bustle will make me appreciate getting back to my Monday morning routine all the more.

Happy weekend everyone!

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