Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Surprises come in many forms. Some are good and usually welcomed while others are bad and, of course, unwelcomed.

I've had some surprises in the past few weeks.

The unwelcomed column includes an overnight stay in the hospital, a warning light flashing on the dash of my pickup, being unfriended by two Facebook friends and the recent slushy snow I didn't expect.

Some welcomed surprises, that added a smile to my face, included a forgotten $50 bill tucked away in my wallet, unique personalized Christmas cards from friends from my past and a personal visit from friend I assumed I wouldn't see again for several weeks.

Surprises can, for someone who functions better with a routine and schedule, cause chaos and havoc to a normal day. They're a twist in life out of left field.

For the most part, the surprises in my life are welcomed and enhance my life. Even the bad surprises lead to lessons that help me grow and an individual.

Making all surprises positive is really all about facing life head on.

But that's no surprise.

This blog was written on Monday, January 7, but I forgot to "publish" it.  It's interesting how I the topic was surprises because later that day, I was surprised by a belated-Christmas gift from my friend Wanda Eichler (  That was one of those unexpected, but welcomed surprises!  Thank you Wanda!

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