Monday, January 21, 2013


Last Monday, 27 of my roughly 130 coworkers started a weight loss competition. We're calling it The Biggest Loser: Agri-Valley Edition.

Original name huh?

At any rate, today is our first weigh in and I just got off the scale.

By simply cutting out snacking between meals; eating smaller, more sensible portions for my meals; drinking more water; and making wise food choices, I've manged to drop 5.4 lbs. the first week!

Now, before I get too excited, I have to tell myself that men lose much more easily than women and first week weigh loss is always decent if you're doing the right things.

For now, I'll be happy that my shirts and pants already fit a little better and be thankful if I drop about two or three pounds by this time next week.

An added incentive is the Biggest Loser in our group wins $185!

That will buy a lot of chocolate cheesecake!

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