Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not My Thing

I’m always amazed at the narrow-minded view so many people have of the world.  Their lives revolved around a few well-known, tried and true activities that seem to keep them content.

Recently, I've made it pretty clear that I do best with a routine. But that doesn't mean I’m not willing to explore and enjoy new adventures.

It’s really quite saddening for me when I invite friends to join me for an activity and get a “that’s not my thing,” response.

Case-in-point: I recently asked a friend to join me to see a play, a local production of a well-known Broadway hit, as my guest.  Dinner and a show.

The offer was refused with a rather stern, “You keep asking me, but it’s just not my thing. I find plays boring.”


Now I know I have a special gene that allows me to enjoy the arts more than I do sports.  I’m not sure where it came from since I was born and raised in Huron County Michigan. This area can be all about guzzling beer and watching football.

Upon further investigation I discovered that the only plays my friend had ever seen were local-yokel productions that, I’m sure would sour most people’s taste.

I certainly understand the desire to not be bored.

Maybe I’m a martyr? I've suffered through some really boring (and sometimes annoying) events for the sake of friendship and spending time with the people I call friends.

Sometimes doing things that’s “not your thing” is the thing to do!

How do people sit at home, night after night, watching TV? Talk about boring!

But then watching Dancing with the Bachelor, Survivor of Downton Abbey or Monday Night Basketball… Well, it’s not my thing.

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