Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Postcard Pay Dirt!

As I mentioned in last Saturday's blog notes, I was in Kalamazoo at a postcard show. It's a twice-a-year event for me, if I have the time.

I often find a card or two that I pick up and feel satisfied that I'm returning the cards to their home -- Pigeon, Michigan!

This Saturday was a warm sunny day in Southwest Michigan, so I stripped off my jacket and headed into the Expo Center at the Kzoo Co. Fairgrounds.  I was side tracked by a flea market on the opposite side of the show.

The flea market was, well, for fleas.

I wandered into the show, paid my two bucks and sat down at the vendor closest to the door: Wally Jung.  He's the show organizer, so he gets the best spot.  He usually has a few cards of interest to me.

For the record, my collection focuses on cards from my college alma mater: Ferris Institute/State College/State University as well as my hometown of Pigeon and several surrounding communities in Michigan's Thumb region.

Wally's booth lacked anything that I wanted, so I moved on. And on and on and on.

After two hours at the show, I had picked up a couple cards that had nothing to do with my primary card collection.  They were simply interesting.

I took a break to grab an iced tea and ponder the day's lack of purchases, then returned to the show floor.

These shows can be a pain in the butt with people vying for space to belly-up to the vendor's tables.  I had bypassed one vendor because of the crowded situation, but I needed to see what he had for me.

As any good salesman knows, you don't let a potential buyer get away.

"May I help you find something?" came the voice from behind the row of tables.

"I'm looking for cards from a little town in the thumb. Pigeon, Michigan," was my reply.

He scanned the neat boxes with tabbed dividers and pulled out a STACK of cards, handing them over to me.

I had hit postcard pay dirt!

Here are five of the 14 cards I added to my collection.  Many of them I have never seen before, so there's a personal added value to these cards.

German Lutheran Church, torn down years ago. Postmarked 1927
from Berlin, Ontario, Canada. 

Main Street, looking south. I believe the building on the left
is what I remember as the Reimann-Snyder Furniture Store.
Postmarked 1914

Main Street, looking north, probably just north of Hartley Street.
Postmarked 1917

Main Street, looking north at Hartley Street. That house is still
there today. Postmarked 1919

The old school.  Look at the number of kids!
Postmarked 1914 -- that may have been AFTER it burned down.
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