Friday, April 20, 2012

Melon Cover

Biker Bill wearing his melon cover.
A few weeks ago I wrote about wearing a helmet while riding my bike.  It's a smart thing to do, given the number of head injuries caused by a fall while riding bike.

So imagine my angst when Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder recently signed a bill into law, immediately allowing motorcyclists to ride free of a helmet.

Snyder's predecessor, Jennifer Granholm, vetoed similar legislation not once, but twice.

Michigan's Office of Highway Safety estimates 30 additional fatalities and as many as 127 more incapacitating injuries plus an additional $129 million in additional economic costs.

It's the injuries that concern me. Somewhere along the line, we'll all pay for the care of those inuries.

Oh, there are silly clauses to the law -- riders must be 21 and there is a requirement to carry minimum amounts of insurance.

I think riders should be required to donate their organs should they die or suffer injuries that leave them in a vegetative state.

While I don't ride motorcycles, and never plan to get on one, I do plan to keep my melon covered with my goofy looking helmet.

Biker Bill rides again!

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