Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If you don't laugh...

Sandy becoming a hurricane.
As Hurricane Sandy made her way up the east coast and then moved inland and causing havoc over most of the northeast, we've heard plenty of references to "The Perfect Storm." Poor Sandy has even been called "Frankenstorm" because of her timing on the eve of Halloween.

This is no trick or treat party.

While this storm is serious and tens of thousands -- perhaps millions -- are affected, there have been plenty of jokes and funny comments about this disastrous situation.

It's said: "If you don't laugh, you'll cry."

While I sit here listening to the winds howling through the trees with the hope of the unraked piles of leaves be carried away, I'll share of few funny comments I've heard and read:

For all of those stuck waiting the storm our, here are the top 20 Sandy jokes and one-lines today that will hopefully lighten this dark day.

  • They should rename Sandy to Tigers, then it wouldn't hit anything. (Ouch)
  • They should rename Sandy to the Lions, then it would never Touchdown.
  • Nothing like Hurricane Sandy to make me realize what's really important in life, Internet access.
  • What do Snooki and Hurricane Sandy have in common? (Oops, censored answer. This is rated PG blog)
  • Romney has a binder full of Hurricane names.
  • About to watch the Day After Tomorrow, that should take my mind off the Hurricane.
  • Obama claims Hurricane Sandy is the result of a spontaneous butterfly flight.
  •  "Everyone in the Hurricane's path should immediately make their way to their second or third home".  I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message.
  • If you lose power, don't think of it as being caught in a blackout, think of it as temporarily falling to the dark side.
  • NJ weather alert. In the event of an emergency, find Gov. Chris Christie and hold on.
  • Hurricane Sandy, because God is tired of political ads too.
  • I'm sorry for my terrible Hurricane Sandy jokes, I know they blow.

Finally, one last comment, that's no joke...  I have to wonder how many babies will be named Sandy nine months from now.

Be safe everyone!

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