Sunday, October 28, 2012

Movie Critique: SINISTER

Found footage helps a true-crime author realize how and why a family was murdered in his new home, though his discoveries put his entire family in the path of a supernatural entity.

This movie immediately reminded me of the "SAW" franchise, with one gruesome death/murder after another.  At time, I actually looked away from the screen. However, some of the characters, didn't make sense. Maybe it was intentional, but the deputy reminded me of Deputy Dewey from Scream.

But with that said, I was riveted by the desire to see what was going to happen next.  At one point I was so creeped out that wondered if I would be able to spend the night alone in my own house.

As far as a script, it was a little weak in dialog and at times the action lagged.

If you like spooky movies, this one might fit the bill.  I enjoyed it, and would say it's worth seeing.

Screened on Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012 at Bay City 8, Bay City, MI

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