Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Morning...

Ah, Monday morning.

I'm not sure what happened, but I managed to get to bed before 11 pm. Amazingly, I pretty much slept the night through with the alarm clock waking me.  Being awakened by an alarm clock is pretty rare for me.

My guess as to the cause of a good night's sleep was pure exhaustion... both physical and emotional. It was a busy weekend on my second job (EMS) and I managed to add some over-tired self-induced emotional stress on top of it.

While I slept well, I feel lethargic this morning. I think that is partially due to less daylight as the days grow shorter.  Maybe the lengthening of my days on earth adds to it as well.

As I rolled out of bed, I realized I hadn't written my blog for today.  Here I am "on deadline" typing away.

Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come this week.

We'll see.

Happy Monday all!

Nothing lethargic about

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