Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Sound of Money

Most of use will take note to an unusual sound.  A humming of an electric motor doing bad, the repetitive ticking of a car engine in need of oil or something that goes bump in the night.

"What is that?" we'll ask. And curiosity often leads us to find out.

Last week I was walking out the door when I heard an unusual sound from the coins moving in my pocket. No, it wasn't that I actually had change in my pocket, but the unique sound it was making.

I knew I had some Canadian coins in the mix and thought, perhaps, their alloy mix was the cause. But this sound was still different.

Upon inspection, I found the culprit: 1964 U.S. silver quarter.

Silver quarters were issued from 1932 to 1964 and contain about 90% silver and 10% copper. Today U.S. quarters are minted with around 92% copper and 8% silver.

This unique coin reminded me when I was once unwrapping a roll of quarters into a cash registers and I heard that special sound. The bank had given me an entire roll of pre-1965 silver quarters for my ten-dollar-bill!

Someone was probably cleaning out a drawer and didn't know what the contents were worth. Today's values of those coins, based upon current metal values, is just over $4.50 each.

When I add my latest find to that roll I have just enough for a nice dinner... if I can find a buyer to pay the price.

For now, I'll just keep listening for that special sound of money.

Other rare finds at BareNakedBill.blogspot.com

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