Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm an antique

A co-worker routinely reminds me that I'm old.  I believe you're as old as you feel. Some days I feel like I'm younger than they 51 years lived, other days, I feel much older.

Yesterday's trip to the Michigan Antique Festival in Midland, MI, reinforced my co-worker's implications: I am an antique!

That became clear as we made our way thru the various vendor's booths.

Who knew that rotary telephones, Matchbox cars and Tinkertoys were antiques?

Those, and many other items I saw, are all items from my childhood.  Matchbox cars are more collectible than antique. The rotary phone really hit home because it is something from my past that has become pretty much obsolete.

But being an antique isn't such a bad thing.  Just look at the definition of the word:

an·tique  /anˈtēk/
A collectible object that has a high value because of its considerable age.

Being an antique makes you more valuable! So enjoy the honor like I do!

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