Friday, September 7, 2012

Weather or not

Mother Nature hate me!

It has become increasingly obvious over the past three or four months.

My garden is a total disaster where the weeds have taken a strong hold following a couple light showers while the tomatoes and pepper plants look like they're just about dead.

My lawn, which I mowed for the first time since about June (okay, I had the landscaper here once since then), is dead is spot.  I don't mean brown, I mean DEAD.  Dry rot or something.

Sleeping at night in my non-air conditioned house is a struggle.  On the worst of the nights I do turn on the window A/C in the living room and sleep on the couch.  But the backache makes that an option only when I feel like I'm in the flames of hell.

And now the her latest attack on my sanity.

RAIN when I'm yet again planning to go camping.

Canada's versions of The Weather Channel, forecasting rain in areas where I camp!

I'm sorry I don't recycle and haven't really reduced my carbon footprint.  I don't have a compost pile and, yes, I kill three bats which were flying around my living room.

I'M SORRY!  Please! Can't you send the rains during a week night when I'm sitting in the house watching TV?

Maybe I need to stand up to her and just take my already packed Ford Fusion off to the campground?

Weather or not, here I (might) come!

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