Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Tally: Honey-Do List

I keep hearing that summer has ended.  It has NOT.  It officially ends September 21 and I plan on nice summer-like weather for several more weeks.

I need that nice weather for several weeks to complete my "Honey-Do List," which includes:
  • Pull tomato and pepper plants from garden.  They didn't grow and produced very poorly this summer.
  • Remove, replace and paint trim around garage door.
  • Scrape and paint around windows.
  • Replace the side door into the house.
  • Find someone to work on lifting the kitchen floor.  (This 108+ year old house has a two-inch sag from one wall to the other.)
  • Clean out the garage.  Two-and-a-half-car capacity, currently at one-car.
  • Run a gas line and add a heater to the back entry area.
Of course a Honey-Do list never really ends.  These items are my highest priority and need to be done before the weather gets cold.

Wish me luck (stop by and help if you like).

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