Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It seems like forever

Today, September 5, is a day when I look back and reflect.

I try not to spend time looking backwards. That's the wrong direction to be moving in life.  Yet on this day, I become immersed in thought and flooded with recollections of what was. The good as well as the not-so-good.

Significant events, important conversations, and minute moments unnoticed by others.

Ah, precious memories.

Sometimes thoughts of what might have been creep into my head and can bring sadness. But I quickly wipe a tear from my eye and think of happier times. I don't do sadness. Being sad simply wouldn't be right.

As I look back and reflect, some of the oddest memories return.  That's a blessing from God, because those memories bring peace to my heart.

So today, September 5, isn't the day my mother died.  It's the day that I look back and remember who she was and the huge part she played in my life.

While her physical absence in my world is greatly missed, her spirit -- her influence on my life -- will always be with me.

That hasn't changed in seven years. It won't change in seventy-seven years.

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