Friday, March 23, 2012

Originality Is Dead

Nothing new can come from this movie.
There are no new ideas.  I've made this statement many times.  And I'll repeat it yet again: THERE ARE NO NEW IDEAS!  At least not when it comes to the movies.

What's with all the remakes and sequels YEARS later?

Case in point: American Reunion.  This movies a third installment in the American Pie series that started in 1999.  It was funny, but not worthy of a sequel back then.  But the movie executives thought American Pie II would be a good idea a couple years later.

It wasn't.

There's been talk about remaking the classic Wizard of Oz.  While the technology of today would enhance the production, I can't image an updated version.

I'm sure Judy Garland is rolling in her grave at the very thought.

I feel bad that movie makers have used up every premise and idea for the big screen. I often sit in a theater and say to myself, "This movie was really good when it was called..." because it reminds me of another movie I've seen.

My friend Bill Murphy is a screenwriter.  Hopefully he's cranking out plots and storylines that are new and refreshing.

I'll keep you posted.

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