Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Say NO to Hate!

The other day I was listening to talk radio and they played a clip of Cee Lo Green, a judge on NBC's The Voice, commenting to a question about what he thought fellow-judge Adam Levine new celebrity fragrance should smell like.

Watch for yourself (you can skip the ad by clicking the the graphic in the lower right 5 seconds after it starts playing):

I'm not sure if Mr. Cee Lo was trying to be funny or if he's just stupid, but his remarks were totally anti-Semitic.

Why is no one enraged?  If the tables were turned and Levine used the N-word to describe Green's fragrance, the world would stop turning with outcry of racist remarks.

Hate is hate is hate no matter how it's dished up.

A stereotype is a popular belief about specific types of individuals. Stereotypes are standardized and simplified conceptions of people based on some prior assumptions. Another name for stereotyping is bias. A bias is a tendency, most of which are good -- like knowing to eat food instead of paper clips, but sometimes stereotyping can turn into discrimination if we misinterpret a bias and act upon it in a negative manner.

When we begin to believe the stereotypes, we're in trouble. Cops sit around eating doughnuts, blacks are good athletes, gay men have AIDS, obese people are slobs -- these and all other stereotypes, when believed, become an untrue-fact that can breed hate.

Hitler used the term "smelly Jews."

Cee Lo Green's comment about Adam Levine wasn't funny, but it was certainly stupid. With all the biased, stereotyped hatred this black man has certainly faced, he should have known better.

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