Saturday, March 24, 2012

Plastic Cards

Some of the 60+ cards in my stack.
Are you overloaded with cards?

I have more cotton-picking rewards, points, membership, gift and credit cards than I really ever need. Over 60 at last count.

No, I don't keep them all in my wallet.

Some of the cards I never use and I'm not sure why I signed up for them. Probably to get a discount on purchases or maybe a free gift.

Some of the cards in the pile were from businesses that are long gone and the cards have been shredded. Others where given to me as gifts -- to businesses I never walk into -- and I had forgotten I had them in my possession.

Then there are the special cards: my key card to the Eagles Club and my Nexus card that allows me a 'fast pass' type border crossing between the U.S. and Canada.

A few of these cards are from hotels and I'm gathering points for future use. Unfortunately the cards are imprinted with the corporate brand and I have no idea what hotel chain they represent.

For now, I'll organize all the cards in a wallet of their own and keep in somewhere handy in my truck.  Maybe I'll remember to use them once in a while.

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