Friday, May 25, 2012


I'm not one of those people who goes to high school commencement exercises just because they're happening.  It seems like the administration, school board and guest speakers are often more interested the pomp and circumstance than the graduates themselves.

This year will be different.  I will be attending the annual event which marks many young people's passage into official adulthood.

Tonight, my high school's gym will be hot and sweltering and packed with family and friends of the graduates.

I'll be there to watch my oldest great-nephew, Nathan Michael Schulz, graduate.

Even thought it was thirty-three years ago, I recall the day I received my high school diploma. While I recall the day, I only remember certain parts. Most of the day was a blur anyway.

It certainly was in another lifetime for me.

It's all part life's journey. A journey of experiences and memories.

Congratulations Nate!

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  1. You got me to thinking, Bill, and I am wondering if I have any "ephemera" from my senior year of high school. With all the moving around that I've done, I will have to think hard. Maybe my first driver's license? My Water Safety Instructor's card from the Red Cross trainings that I took?

    How about you? Any ephemera that you can photo/scan/share?

    Just thinking. . .