Monday, May 14, 2012

Historical Society Membership Drive

Tonight the Pigeon Historical Society is hosting a Guest Membership Meet and Greet, aka: A Membership Drive. It's a bit frightening when I, at nearly 51 years old, is one of the youngest members.

History is one of those things I have always loved.  I liked it when I was young and my high school American History teacher, Tim Anthes, made it exciting and interesting.

I think my life in the newspaper world either added to my interest or was enhanced by love of the past. After all, newspapers are a printed record of events.

I'm not sure who is recording history these days.

At any rate, I hope we have 50 or more people show up at our meeting. I'll be happy if five able-bodied individuals join the group.

We need man-power for the growth vision of the Society.  That vision includes a historical "compound" with a Amish-raised barn for display and storage of antique farm equipment, a small church/schoolhouse, as well as other buildings.

There has been talk about a source for train cars -- including a caboose. (Our museum is a 110+ year old train depot.)

If you're local, please come to our meeting tonight.  If you would like to support the Pigeon Historical Society, any donation is gratefully accepted.

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