Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tally: Stuff to do by May 31

Here it is day 15 of May.  That leaves me 16 days to get this stuff accomplished.  Wish me luck!
  1. Go through my camping gear in preparation for my first weekend of camping, which may or may not be Memorial Day weekend.
  2. Clean the garage so I can get both my car and pickup inside and my trucks won't hate me.
  3. Get rid of some more unnecessary items I've been hanging onto.  Where does this crap come from?
  4. Wax my new(er) car.
  5. Transplant the mums from the garden to another location around the house.
  6. Plant garden: Tomatoes, sweet peppers and some herbs.
  7. Wash the windows -- I hate doing this and that's why my windows are always dirty.
  8. Make reservations for a vacation (or two).
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