Thursday, May 24, 2012

What I've learned about writing a blog

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As I mentioned yesterday in my whine, er, I mean blog, I'm struggling to be back into a groove of having a posting ready at least a few hours ahead of my self-imposed 6:30 morning deadline. You'd think I was back at a newspaper and the presses were waiting for that last story.

Perhaps it's a flashback to the old days in my previous life of print publications.  When I first started that career, Tuesday was the big day, often creeping late into the night, for a Thursday publication day. It was a routine: paste up on Tuesday, printing and mailing on Wednesday, delivery on Thursday.

Years later, we were under a different deadline, because of scheduled press times. Tuesday was still our big day, but the layouts needed to be out the door by 4 pm for a journey to the pressroom an hour away.

I always said I work best with my head in a vise, but that usually ends poorly with mistakes that tic me off.

What I've learned about writing a blog is this:
  • You gotta enjoy writing, in the style of your blog. Creative, Editorial or Technical styles take your pick. You still need to enjoy what you're doing.
  • You need to possess the ability to write about anything. Thankfully the words often just flow off my fingertips.
  • You should know a little bit about everything. Yes, being a know-it-all such as myself will make your blog much more successful.
  • Have the ability to deal with a deadline, whether real or self induced.
Speaking of deadline, I'm just minutes away from needing this thing published today and I still need finish formatting.

What have I learned about blogging?  It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun!

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