Thursday, May 31, 2012

Not quite this cold this morning.
I usually don't have much trouble rolling out of bed.  I'm often up before the alarm clock chimes.  This is especially true as the days get longer and the morning sun comes earlier and earlier.

But not this morning.

It was just after four bells when I eased open one eye to peek at the clock. It was too early to get up.

Then I realized last night's temperatures were lower than I like.  I was cold.  My feet were cold when I went to bed and before I drifted off to sleep I had gotten up and grabbed another blanket.

It was feeling more like October than the end of May.

When I'm camping, I call a morning like this, "brisk."  When I'm in my home and the thermometer reads 66 degrees, I call it cold.

Can't I just stay here, wrapped up in my nice warm blankets?

Since I haven't yet won the lottery, the answer is no.

Here's to a brink day!  Happy last day of May.

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