Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being Different

I recently read the writings on another blog (Dawn Reader) where the writer discusses his use of Facebook and the shying away from politics and religion. He entitled the posting, “When Facebook Get Awkward.”

Much like the many wonders of Disney World, Facebook should be filled with fun and excitement for everyone.

Unfortunately, for many, it’s a political/religious battle ground where stupid subjects like “should toilet paper roll off over or under” turn into bitter attacks on character.

People launch long-winded debates with “friends” who make a general comment that somehow stabs the reader like a sword. These debates are often filled with facts and other minutia that only the "debater" could possibly care about.

I, for one, have made a conscious effort to NOT comment on politics and religion on Facebook or in gatherings in general. I have my views, I own them, they’re mine and I don’t need people telling me I’m ignorant for having them.

IF, however, I will gladly discuss my viewpoint and listen to you share yours in a calm and rational manner. I’m all about conversation. But when I see a vein popping out of your forehead, we'll talk about something else.

In the spirit of BareNakedBill – that raw and uncensored postings – I’m sharing Dawn Reader’s blog: When Facebook Get Awkward. PLEASE do not get caught up in the examples presented, because if you do, you’re not reading the post with an open mind.

And that is precisely the point of the post in the first place. Having an open mind to discuss our differences.

Agreeing to disagree is a wonderful thing. I’m truly thankful that I CAN disagree with my government and not be thrown in jail.

Unfortunately, far too often, friends with whom I am in disagreement throw me into their own private hell.

Jail time might be easier.

It’s rarely awkward at BareNakedBill.blogspot.com

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