Saturday, July 21, 2012

DVR my Life

One of my favorite pieces of technology is my digital video recorder -- a DVR.  Mine is part of my satellite TV system.

What I love about my DVR isn't the ability to record TV shows and watch them at another time, but the ability to stop a show and, if necessary, back up and replay what you just watched.

I want that ability in my life. Think of the possibilities!

You're having a conversation with your boss and, for just a moment, your mind drifts to something else and then you're suddenly lost as to what the big guy who signs your check just asked you.  CLICK: Rewind (and pay attention this time).

It would have been great during my college days when I was taking notes. CLICK: Pause, catch up on my note taking, CLICK: Play.

It would also be great when you need to be in three places at one time: CLICK: Record, date/time. Playback later.

Of course there are things you wouldn't want to save: tragic news, losing big at the casino or an argument with a loved one.

I'd love to DVR my life for playback later, when I haven't gotten enough sleep.  The problem would be just like the recordings on my TiVO... I just never seem to have the time to watch them.

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