Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's just a number...

“How old would you be
if you didn't know
how old you are?”
--Leroy (Satchel) Paige

As the clock ticks yet another moment forward, I often pause to think about age – my age. Can it be that I’m really this old? Is this how others feel at this age?

When we’re children we are often told to “act your age.” Am I acting appropriately for my age?

“You’re as young as you feel.” Yikes, some days I feel pretty damn old.

But while I don’t often feel young, I do, for the most part, feel youthful.

I’m not content to sit at home letting time pass by. I live life!

Oh, some days I arrive home from work and find myself catching a quick nap on the couch. Is napping in the recliner acting your age?

For years I have said, “Age is just a number.”

Age, acting as an indexed directory, is just a marker for referencing life’s experiences.

I don’t know how old I would be, if I didn’t know how old I am. And I think that is a very good thing.

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  1. Hey, Bill. Just a biased thing for me, but I kind of banned recliners from my life. I love using one but just thought that as I age those things are too comfy. So, I am now propping my feet on a footstool or an ottoman. Seems less "age-y." I guess we all have coping mechanisms, don't we?! WJ