Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Broader Horizons

"Outside the box" is a cliche' phrase overused to describe the rethinking an idea or a departure from the norm. It's a good way to get people thinking when seeking new and fresh concepts.

Personally, I prefer to simply ignore the fact that there is (or ever was) as box in the first place.

We are all creatures of habit. I, for one, function better when I have a routine to follow.  That's not to say I want to live in a mundane repetitive day-in/day-out world. I would never say, "we've always done it this way."

Broadening our horizons makes us better people in general. Exploring the unfamiliar should be a welcome challenge.

Maybe that's why I like to travel -- it can take me to unknown territory waiting for me to discover.  I love arriving in a new place and getting a lay of the land, checking out the sights and sounds.

Sadly, many people live inside that box with the lid pulled down securely, never wanting to know what is on the outside.

I know people locally who, I'm pretty sure, have never ventured much further than the county-line.  I feel sorrow for all the things they're missing.

But not knowing, and more importantly not caring, what you're missing leads to contentment.

While it's okay to be content with the status quo, we should always be willing to explore other options, throw the box away and broaden our horizons.

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